Our Labels

Beginning with the 2013 vintage, Alysian Wines has transformed its packaging.  The new Alysian logo is inspired from a Ben Franklin letterpress, a true original American font.

Each label features hand illustrated flora by San Francisco based artist and our good friend, Bryson Gill. These illustrations correlate to their specific wine, whether it be a flower commonly found on the Elk Prairie Vineyard, a Redwood tree in the Russian River Valley, or a Honeysuckle flower which is a note evident in our Viognier.  In addition to these illustrations, we have started individually numbering each Alysian bottle.  Each bottle has a unique number shown on the front label.

Equally important to us as the new look of Alysian is the sustainability of our packaging materials.  Our new bottle is mostly produced in US factories.  We use a recycled paper stock for our label and print them locally.  We have chosen to go without a capsule to save on waste.  We have stopped producing custom cartons to save on waste, as well.